About Hesed House

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Clinical Director

Dr. Padraic Gibson

Office Administrator

Karina Early

Clinical Staff

Don Boardman, Psychotherapist

Monica Gorman, Psychotherapist

Patricia Allen-Garret, Psychotherapist

Ken Lanigan, Psychotherapist

Kim Murray

External Clinical Supervisors

Dr. Ed McHale

Dr. Imelda McCarthy


Richard Hogan

Charles Santana

Our Values

Our Values

Meeting the clinical, psychological and relational needs of individuals, couples and families affected by drug use in the Canals Area.


The service takes into consideration that every individual is affected not only by his or her family relationships and early experiences but also by the wider issues of poverty, unemployment, violence and stress.


Creating a culture of trust, respect and honesty for all individuals and groups.


Respecting individuals and group identity, beliefs and choices.


The effects of poverty, marginalisation and exclusion on our clients.

Self and Interdependence

Promoting self-reliance, personal responsibility and individual empowerment while also assisting people to live in a more healthy interdependent relationships.

Creativity in our work

Identifying and using creative ways of working with individuals, couples, children and families in clinical practice.


Ensuring that information is obtained and used in ways which promote trust and privacy.


There are many common misconceptions about Psychotherapy.

We see it as a process where individuals, couples and families can address personal concerns with a qualified professional.

This is a completely voluntary process that allows you time to reflect upon and resolve relationship issues or thoughts and behaviours that might concern you, or someone close to you.

We generally use therapy models known professionally as Cognitive Therapy, Systemic Family Therapy and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

Our Staff & Services

Our staff are Clinically Qualified and Registered Professionals with many years of clinical experience in different mental health settings.

We have professional Psychotherapists trained and registered in Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Systemic Family Psychotherapy, Cognitive Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Art Therapy.

All of our staff have a minimum of seven years training and are fully registered members of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy, The Family Therapy Association of Ireland and The European Association for Psychotherapy.

Heed House provides Individual, Couple, Child and Family Psychotherapy.

Our Catchment Area

Hesed House provides therapy to individuals, couples and families living with the above catchment area, covered by the canals community local drugs task force.



Hesed House provides services to children and adolescents, and we seek to work constructively with their parents.

For this reason we ask that both parents give their informed consent to their children attending where possible.


Hesed House operates a sliding scale for the professional services provided.

The scale is based on a client’s ability to pay.

If you are not in a position to pay you will still be seen – payment will be no obstacle to you attending.


Services in Hesed House are in great demand and we try our best to assist everyone that contacts us for therapy.

When you are offered an appointment, that time and space is allocated specifically to you or your family.

It is very important that if you cannot attend that you contact us to let us know in time. This will allow us to offer the appointment to another person on our waiting list. We usually ask that at least one days notice should be provided.

If you fail to notify us of the cancellation, 50% of the fee due will still be charged for that appointment.

Our Services To Organisations

We also provide, on request, training to outside agencies on a range of issues such as; working with difficult families, working therapeutically with children, etc.

We also provide organisation consultation, staff/team facilitation, and front-line management and staff supervision.


Hesed House provides a safe space where people can explore issues of concern to them.

We provide a highly confidential service – however, there are limitations to this. Our Clinical Staff will inform you of any need to speak with an outside agency or person (such as a GP).

You will be fully informed of this and it will only take place where there is a grave concern for the safety of you or someone close to you.

We will not provide any information to a third party. We do not provide reports or assessments of any kind to either clients or agencies.


Appointments are available for day or evening.

You can contact us by phone or a GP, or another professional can refer you.

We do however look to speak to clients directly before offering an appointment.

If you are unsure whether you should attend or who should attend with you, or if you are anxious about making an appointment, please feel free to call and we can discuss it with you.




01 - 4549474


74 Tyrconnell Road,
Inchicore, Dublin 8